Implies Solution

Implies Solution

We take care of your data privacy

we sign NDA.
Your idea is protected by us.

During the software development phase, Implies Solution ensures the safety of ideas and data safety by using various network and operational security measures.

To make a dream project a reality, you need a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). An NDA ensures the safety of your project. Written agreements such as NDAs are between two parties (clients and organizations). Business strategies, requirements, and sensitive information are prohibited.

What should we cover in NDA?

As part of Implies’ commitment to privacy and security, we maintain administrative, technical, and physical safeguards against unauthorized access or use.
Key Point of NDA –

  • Signing the parties’ names
  • Establish the difference between confidential and nonconfidential information (such as information that is public or that is shared by others).
  • Any information you share should be accompanied by a purpose.
  • Ask for clarification on what can and cannot be done with shared information.
  • Decide on the agreement’s duration or time frame.
  • If the clients don’t wish to continue working, delete the entire data from the server.

How we take care of the idea

You have valuable proprietary information in your business that needs to be protected. Our project starts with a signed NDA. Signing the NDA ensures consistency during the transition process and development.

All sensitive or confidential information will be protected from third-party access by our agreements. Software development is streamlined with legal documents such as NDAs to avoid conflicts.

NDA protects sensitive information and reduces the likelihood of it being leaked. All information classified as ‘confidential’ shall be confidential at all times.

We can provide you with a customized NDA if you enter into a contract with us. Our legal department will review it first to make sure all clauses are feasible. The organization as a whole is protected from intellectual property disclosures.

Preventing data breaches through security measures

It’s vital that you protect the idea and proprietary information for your app. Data privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Investing in Implies ensures the highest level of protection for your information. It is very important to us that your data remains private.

Data security is our development center’s top priority, including network security, operational security, and general safety measures.

Network Security

  • GitLab/SVN
  • Storage attached to a network (NAS)
  • Separation of traffic on LANs
  • Monitoring of the LAN
  • Equipment for secure networks
  • Systems for controlling versions
  • ACL policies for user authentication are in place
  • To ensure authenticated access, we install firewalls on our servers
  • Networks for information and other services should be segregated
  • Maintain a regular virus scan and update your software
  • There is security tightening at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Optical and optimal uplinks for security control stations in buildings
  • VPNs and other channels for encrypting data

General security is a must

  • Unauthorized access is prevented in a secured development area
  • Program and web tool usage restriction
  • Information audits should be conducted periodically
  • This building does not allow devices or removable media to be brought in
  • People and goods entering and leaving the premises are monitored by security staff
  • Fire alarms and fire hydrants are installed in our buildings
  • Ensure employee confidentiality by requiring them to sign an NDA
  • Highly secure software backs up source code safely
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