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Hospitality Industry

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Telecommunication Industry

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E-commerce Industry

IMPLIES SOLUTIONS develops on-demand solutions for multiple industries. Whether you are an individual or a business, we provide on-demand services.

We offer solutions to address the most complex challenges faced by your industry. Innovation is an integral part of all business areas we facilitate. Turning your challenges into opportunities with the right mix of expertise, experience, and resources. The software development partner you choose must have a thorough understanding of your business and its reality. In addition to Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunications, and E-commerce, we are adept at cultivating innovation across various industries.

As we work with clients across various industries, we strive to improve the company’s operations and add new technology to enhance its growth.

Developing scalable and flexible applications for various industries requires our software developers to have deep knowledge of technology.

Hospital Industry

A platform for developing healthcare apps that will transform patient care and medical support. We create healthcare IT solutions for better and more reliable outcomes for patients and hospital industry owners because it saves both time and quality of care. There were 37.2 billion dollars in global mHealth market revenue in 2015. The market is predicted to reach $314.60 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 34,8%. We at Implies Solution have been developing Healthcare software solutions since 2019 with a team of skilled and experienced healthcare software developers.

Our solution is ideally suited to any of the following

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Logistics, Automotive & Supply Chain Applications Industry

Technology solutions for the logistics & transportation industry require goods to be delivered when they need and fast at any time. Implies Solution transforms your supply chain transportation and logistics operations digitally with the latest digital technologies and business models to increase operational efficiencies.

We develop customized solutions for transportation companies, logistics service providers, and geospatial data providers. Using technology, we help businesses enhance their logistics & supply chains by automating storage & shipping processes. We can assist with fleet/personnel warehousing and distribution management by developing, implementing, integrating, and supporting you.

Our solution is ideally suited to any of the following

Oil & Gas Industry

We are harnessing the power of the latest IT innovations to move the Oil, Gas, and Energy Software Solutions industry forward.

By providing next-generation IT solutions and services, Implies Solution, one of the leading service providers in the Oil & Gas sector, assists organizations in improving operational efficiencies and digitalizing their entire value chain. Our tailored solutions help you succeed in a volatile market, optimize your processes, boost your productivity, and grow your business. By identifying their core strengths while streamlining their processes, our experts help Oil & Gas companies reinvent how they operate.

  • Benefits for the environment : Tracking water movement and monitoring waste streams can improve safety and the environment.
  • Uptime maximization : In addition to increasing uptime, mobile applications boost productivity. Workers on the field can get quick answers to issues they encounter using mobile apps.
  • Enhanced safety measures : It is possible to monitor refinery equipment remotely, perform pipeline inspections remotely, and assess environmental conditions using mobile solutions. In this way, workers can take immediate action to rectify a situation based on the data collected by mobile apps.
  • Analyzing data : The original method of entering data was by hand, transmitting and reviewing it. Time is required for all of these things. Data can be captured, analyzed, and responded to in real-time using mobile technologies.
  • Capturing data in real time : Field workers can capture real-time data using mobile apps. Their routine work can be sped up and they can concentrate on tasks that are critical to their jobs. In addition, mobile devices provide easier access to information than handwritten notes.
  • Application of IoT : The Internet of Things can be used to manage supply chains, inventory, and customer relationships through automated systems. The value of mobile apps deployed by oil and gas companies is enormous.
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Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Utilizing our high-performance, scalable, and secure mobile Hospitality & Tourism app solution, we deliver your customers’ most comprehensive user experience. Get results-driven custom software development for travel and hospitality businesses.

We manage business processes, streamline internal operations, and optimize customer experience; we provide various software solutions for the Hospitality and Travel industry.

The core operations processes in the travel industry can be optimized using the custom software solutions we offer.

As a Hospitality and Travel Software Solutions provider, we offer the following services:

  • Hotel management systems
  • Travel Agent Software.3
  • Travel portals
  • Booking engines
  • Custom hotel CRM

Finance & Banking Industry

Our company offers cutting-edge, innovative, and advanced custom financial software development services for various financial institutions, including small and large businesses, fintech companies, and businesses of all shapes and sizes. In this domain, regulatory compliance, financial data security, and connectivity are critical concerns, and we ensure that our financial software development solution meets them all.

We provide fintech companies with a secure, regulatory-compliant, and scalable platform for efficiently running their businesses by automating business processes with our financial industry software development solution. Since we have offered banking and financial software development services for more than four years, we have developed sufficient expertise in this field. This expertise helps fintech industries to achieve operational excellence.

We provide comprehensive custom financial software development based on your business domain and budget requirements.

What do we offer as Software development for banking and financial services?

  • Secure authentication
  • Model-specific functions
  • Payments

  • Dashboard
  • Notification
  • Easy Integration
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Retail & E-Commerce Industry

Implies Solution is a global digital transformation enablement company and a leading Custom Retail and e-commerce Software Solutions provider. With an outside-in approach and benchmarking at the top of our list of e-commerce application development services, we provide custom e-commerce application development services. In our role as an e-commerce website development company, we offer a variety of growth strategies to retailers and e-commerce companies.

To achieve sustainable growth and build capability, we will prototype, pilot, and implement dynamic pricing engines to build thoughtful power and maintain sustainable development & growth.

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