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Mobile technology is the future, and as an Android App Development Company, delivering a remarkable mobile experience is more influential than just a competitive focus. We connect users and products through our innovative custom mobile application that hinges forever.

Android App Development Service

Make Business Global By Adopting
Custom Android App Solution

Almost all products today require an Android mobile app due to the large number of Android users in many countries. Around the world, Android is the most common operating system on phones because of its open-source nature. From fitness to healthcare to real estate to fintech, Tapptitude’s native Android development team handles everything from fitness to healthcare.

Developing apps for Android may be challenging because there is such a wide range of devices available. Although we have overcome them in every mobile product we have built over the last 4 years since we started android development services.

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Your Android app in the best hands

The best possible outcomes will be shared for your project, as it is our project as well.

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No Surprises, Transparency Only

Continually checking progress, identifying obstacles, adapting to new solutions, and optimizing value delivered are all part of our daily routine. Our Strategies make it easy to keep track of progress.

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Goal Oriented Vision

Having a clear goal ensures users and the business will be satisfied with the new product, all within budget. Your money is only spent on relevant things to you and your users.

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On-Time Delivery

In product development, we use intelligent tools and methods to automate all repeatable processes, thereby decreasing the time to value and deliver products within a competitive timeline.

Services We Offer as an
Android App Development Service Provider

We deliver innovative digital solutions through The agile software development process that is result-oriented.

Custom Android Development

Our company develops custom mobile apps based on the requirements of our clients. You can customize every aspect of your app - including the look and feel - to meet your needs.

Android UI/UX Designing

Whether it is a custom mobile apps or a website, you will get a unique design from us. We ensure that our user interfaces are attractive, interactive, and user-friendly by employing the latest design techniques.

Android Web-based Apps

The apps we develop can be natively and web-based in your business. Whether you're using a desktop or mobile device, our web-based apps are designed to improve your company's operational efficiency.

App Porting

A successful Android application can be converted from an iOS or web-based application. Android applications can be converted from different platforms.

Hire Android Developers

Interested in hiring dedicated Android developers? Is there a need for Android developers with Kotlin and Java experience? A hand-picked team of Android developers works in-house for us. Come on, let's talk.

App Consultation

We look forward to discussing all your app needs with you when you are ready to start. Our Android app consultants will recommend the most suitable solution for your project requirements if you contact us today.

Our Android Application Development Process

Process of android application development

Through React Native, we can build intuitive, highly functional apps that work across a wide range of platforms with a single codebase. Your idea can reach its full potential when we use React Native to build a digital product that is available regardless of operating system or device.

Is your Android app scalable?

We build customized Android apps according to your business requirements using cutting-edge technologies.

Android app development services

Use Android OS to reach your customers across all devices




Wear OS

Android Tv

Android Auto

Industries We Serve

Implies Solution has developed over 150+ apps for brands, enterprises, and startups worldwide. Using our Android expertise, we develop the right app for you and utilize all the latest features and technologies.

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Photo & Video

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Health & Fitness


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Banking & Finance

Food & Drink

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Questions you may have to ask?

You select the Android operating system for your Android App Development project for several reasons. But the top seven reasons are:

  • Market Share & Popularity
  • Android Development is low cost and provides high ROI
  • features of Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Open Source
  • Easy Adoption & Launching
  • Multiple Distribution & Sales Channel

Yes, we build a simple android product that will be compatible with all android devices.

We allocate resources in four significant steps.

  • Knowledge Of the Project And The Team
  • Early Detection Of Risk
  • Track The Project Continuously
  • Analyze The Project
    • We are a custom web & app development service provider and have been working for five years globally. We have completed 150+ projects in almost every industry.


    • In our experience, native Android development is the intelligent choice for startups and brands. This is because they thoroughly understand their audience and already have market validation.


    • Our company will help you get your app onto the App Store within a reasonable time frame. For our clients to release their apps for public consumption, we guarantee they will be functional and ready.


    • You can rely on us to design your app how you want it to be designed by our expert mobile app designers.


    • Whether you want to make an app for Android or iPhone, our professional coders can help! Our coders have years of experience creating mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.


Yes, definitely. The Android developers at our company are the most experienced in the business, having developed custom Android solutions from scratch for years.

App monitoring tools are implemented into every Android app as part of the app maintenance process (e.g., HockeyApp, Crashlytics, Google Analytics, Firebase).

Yes, without a doubt. The Google Play Store will be uploaded with your Android application. The process is part of how we develop Android apps. In addition, we will help you with marketing materials, descriptions, and legacy issues related to setting up your Android app in the store.

Please join us in supporting the app on an ongoing basis. Our team is always available for your project, so you can have confidence that the team is there for you.


Even if you are still deciding on specific maintenance, contact us if you need it. If the team is available or the team schedule is complete, we can help at that time.

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